Port Forwarding from Google Wifi to and Through PFSense

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    Have my home lab setup and functional, but for something I am testing I need to get a local physical device to be able to access certain ports on one of my VM's that has only an IP Address of one of the Virtual NIC's from PFSense, and having trouble getting the traffic to forward.

    Example test, if I forward Port 80 to a Virtual Machine on my Hyper-V Server that is used external network connection it works fine.

    But if I try to forward Port 80 to my PFSense Router, port checkers show the port as closed, figuring I am not setting up the forward right on PFSense.

    The following are the configurations I have messed with setting up in PFSense




    The goal is getting to where a laptop on my physical network could reach my System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Server for a test, that traffic is basically 80,443,445

    Another note on this, in the one picture the one for 1194 OpenVPN, that one was working at one point but now is not, wondering if I should try a package capture on network to see if the traffic is even making it to the Router VM


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