setup vpn for specific links not whole network

  • is it possible to setup vpn for only fb messenger and whatsapp call not whole network? my isp blocked all calling apps so i need it for my clients. i think if i setup vpn for whole network it wil b slow? i am new and sorry for my poor english

  • It's possible but not simple. As for VPN speeds, I did a speed test last week via OpenVPN to my VPN provider and was getting 130 Mbps down and 12 Mbps up while my real link is 150/15. Not exactly slow. I suppose it depend on where you live and who you use.

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    Problem with such sites like whatsapp and messenger is they are most likely served up by CDN, which are huge (lots of ip space) and other things could be served up as well.. But that might not be an issue for your use case.

    So yeah look up the IP blocks that these apps use, and then policy route out those networks to your vpn.

  • @johnpoz how they do block? all ips or is there anything type of traffic or port? when we make a call just shows poor signal even 250/50 mbps internet speed.

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    Yeah a voip call would be specific ports.

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