Captive Portal wget redirect loop

  • I have a small WISP and use PFSense Captive portal for authentication of the users, I redirect them to a payment page. Everything is working fine for my customers. On rare occasions I would need to initiate the required http request to get the customer back on the internet. General this is less of an issue since most modern devices do it when they connect. Sometimes I would SSH to the customer router and send a wget command to get them back on line, I have not had to do this in a long time but I needed to today and it did not work. Any thoughts?

    I was unable to post the CLI output because it was spam.

  • I tried it and I see there are two redirects, from to, then another to Note that I do not have captive portal installed so its not an equivalent comparison.

    While not directly addressing your issue, does it work if you go direct via wget

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