Nextcloud/Collabora behind PFsense with SSL Offloading

    Ubuntu 18.04 + Apache2 + PHP 7.2 + Nextcloud 16.03 + Collabora (Docker’s Stable) + PFsense 2.4.4 + HAproxy 1.7 + SSL Offloading (3rd Party Wildcard Cert/not Let’sEncrypt)

    Hi All,

    I struggled my way through getting Nextcloud installed and working with SSL Offloaded to PFsense. However, while trying to follow all the posts/write-ups for integrating Collabora no one seems to be doing it with PFsense and certainly not with 3rd party wildcard certificate. But I am confident someone out there has a similar config and welling to share with me (and others attempting this path) of how they achieved greatness.

    Of course, the SSL Offloading can also be achieved with LetsEncrypt on PFsense as well; I just need some insight of how it all should be configured. Like how did you configure the docker container for Collabora and the Apache virtual host configuration? I’ve tried setting the config for HTTP only and commented out the reference to SSL, but got errors when reloading Apache. Do I need still need to load the proxy modules for Apache?

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