Access openvpn client from server side

  • Hi folks,

    I have pfsense as the openvpn server and a linux machine located elsewhere as the openvpn client

    The remote openvpn client can ping all hosts on the server's LAN.

    However, from the server side LAN, only the server (i.e. the pfsense box) is able to ping the openvpn client.

    How do I make all hosts on the server side be able to reach the openvpn client? I don't think I need a static route as the pfsense box is the default gateway on this network…


  • ok now THIS is strange…

    As it turns out, all my other machines on my network can access the openvpn client. It's just this one vista machine..

    Using tcpdump, the remote machine doesn't even receipt a ping request. The packet seems to "get lost" somewhere in the pfsense machine..

  • sigh

    Got it sorted.

    I was using policy based routing which screwed this up

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