Allowing traffic between several networks

  • I'm setting up a PFsense firewall for the first time, I'm going to have 4 or 5 networks in the office that I want to have specific access to specific resources.

    I've got the firewall setup and working, and have access to the internet on the interfaces, have the DHCP server running, but I cannot get access to the OPT2 Interface from the LAN interface, I specifcally need access to only 1 IP address on the OPT2 interface (its a intranet webserver that runs a PHP/MYsql app)

    Using the PING tool from the console of the server and from the WebGUI I can access (ping) the host on my OPT2 interface. So I'm sure its a firewalling rule somewhere that I'm lacking.

    I have a rule on the OPT2 firewall saying any traffic from any source going to (the IP of my php/mysql server) allow. But to no avail?

    Is there something I'm doing wrong? This is something PFsense should be able to accomplish correct? Or am I missing something simple?

  • @bitsrunner:

    … access to the OPT2 Interface ...
    ... rule on the OPT2 firewall saying allow any traffic from any source going to the IP of my server)...

    On the OPT2 rules tab you define which traffic originating from OPT2 network is allowed and where to.
    To access OPT2 from LAN you have to create a rule on the LAN tab. Similar for your other interfaces.

    Rules on an interface are always and only defined for traffic INTO your pfSense box.

  • Thanks for the fast response Chris

    I've added a rule on the LAN tab that allows access from the LAN interface to OPT2, i've tried it with several configurations, allowing access to a specific IP and allowing access to the entire subnet, neither way seemed to work. Any suggestions anyone? Thanks again in advance!

  • Can you show screenshots of your rules?
    Sometimes people confuse the "OPT1 interface" with the "OPT1 subnet" choice in the dropdown for the firewall.

  • This is the most recent set of rules, was the OPT2 host I am trying to connect to, that didn't seem to work either

  • This is another configuration I tried, as well as my OPT2 interface rules…

  • I solved the issues, incorrect default gateway setting on the host box I was trying to access. Thanks again for all the help