Suricata v4.1.4_5 Package Update -- Release Notes

  • Suricata v4.1.4_5
    This Suricata GUI package update corrects five bug reports. No new features are added in this release.

    New Features:

    Bug Fixes:

    1. Syntax error typo in syslog() function call on GLOBAL SETTINGS tab causes PHP warning.

    2. When using Legacy Mode blocking the array of SIDs modified for REJECT action is not properly initialized as an empty array before an iteration attempt is made later in the code.

    3. Code logic bug allows attempted operation with netmap without specifying an interface when 'Block Offenders' is not checked.

    4. Remove any inadvertent leading or trailing spaces from Oinkcode and ETPro code when saving on GLOBAL SETTINGS tab.

    5. Clean-up unnecessary write_config() call to prevent spamming of ACB service when downloading rules updates.

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