Snort v4.0_4 Package Update -- Release Notes

  • Snort v4.0_4
    This update for the Snort GUI package contains only bug fixes. No new features are introduced.

    Note: this version is available only for pfSense-2.5 DEVEL snapshot users.

    New Features:

    Bug Fixes:

    1. Two changed files were inadvertently left out of the previous Snort 4.0_3 update package. The files were part of the change set where the constant SNORT_PBI_BINDIR was changed to SNORT_BINDIR.

    2. Remove any leading or trailing spaces put there by mistake when saving the Oinkmaster and ETpro subscription codes on GLOBAL SETTINGS tab.

    3. Wrap user input on GLOBAL SETTINGS tab with HTML-encode/decode functions for added security against code injection.

    4. Clean-up unnecessary write_config() call to prevent spamming of ACB service when downloading rules updates.

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