Has anyone gotten bridging on Hyper-V to work? Got a better idea for my setup?

  • Server 2019 Standard with Hyper-V Role
    |                  |               |         |
    NIC1             NIC2 & 3         NIC3      NIC4
    WAN                LAN            OPT1      OPT2
               (Switch Embedded Team)  |         |
                       |               |         |
                       |          Access Point   PC
               Hardware Switch
                 |     |       |
                 PC    PC      PC

    I'm trying to bridge the NIC3 & NIC4 to the LAN team... or even just bridge NIC3 and NIC4 together on a different subnet. I cant get anything to go over the bridge interface. If I make each NIC a different subnet, that seems to work and I suppose that I could also team (in hyper-v) NIC 3 & 4 and make that one interface for pfsense the same way I have NIC 2 & 3.

    anything to try would be helpful... perhaps a better solution would be to give each nic their own subnet and connect everything via vlans? (vlan 1 for wired, vlan 2 for wireless) I'm not exactly sure what the best approach is... or how to accomplish this

  • I may have figured out the problem with bridging... MAC address spoofing must be enabled on all the Hyper-V vswitches that are being bridged

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