• Hi, I just purchased SG-1100 recently, as i used SG-3100 before. So, I want to assign PPPoE into the SG-1100 with a VLAN 621 tagged to WAN interface. I can do this before with SG-3100, but the 1100 seems a bit different on the tagging.

    Here's what i have done:

    1. I add VLAN 621 on mvneta0 interface

    2. Configure PPPoE on the 'mvneta0.621-MAXIS' link interface

    3. Change the WAN Network port into the 'PPPoE.621' that i just created

    4. Change the VLAN tag for WAN
      (Interfaces>Switches>VLANs>edit on 'WAN'> replace '4090' to '621')

    5. Change the port VID from 4090 to 621
      (Interfaces>Switches>Ports>Change PortVID on port name WAN)

    But still i got no connection. I also have tried simulate this with another PC just to try the VLAN tagging as VLAN tagging on WAN is working easily with SG-3100.

    I have tried tagging with LAN and OPT interfaces and it's working. But when i did on WAN, somehow it cannot communicate with other end.

    Is there any way i can do to tag a VLAN on WAN interface?

    Thank you

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You need to leave the PVID on port 3 as 1. That determines what VLAN untagged traffic received on that port gets placed on. You want tagged 621 traffic.

    Create a new VLAN 621 in Interfaces > Switches, VLANs. Set port 0 and 3 tagged there.

    That should get you where you need to be with all the other work you have done.