OpenVPN CPU0 or CPU1

  • Hi,

    I understand OpenVPN Server and Client only using one core on the CPU.

    How is Pfsense decide witch CPU/core it will use?

    I was thinking that maybe CPU0/Core0 have the highest load, and it will be smart to run OpenVPN Server/Client on CPU1/CORE1 ?

    I can see that right now its run on CPU0/CORE0, is it possible to configure what core it shall run on?

    How is pfsense optimize the generel load between CPU0 and CPU1 ?

  • Everything you mentioned is a function of the operating system -- FreeBSD. I very much doubt that Netgate is playing around with thread/process management and CPU affinity when that's managed by the OS.

    Look at the cpuset command in FreeBSD, which lets you tie a process to a core.

  • @KOM I understand, If I create two VPN Open Servers on the same server and have high load on them FeeBSD will move one to CPU0 and other to CPU1 to share the load effecient?

  • Probably. I don't pretend to know how FreeBSD handles that but in general, yes. An OS will use the resources it has and try to spread the load over as many cores as it has.

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