OpenVPN traffic NOT routed through VPN tunnel still being detected by sites as coming from a proxy or VPN.

  • First of all let me thank you for taking the time to help.

    Here is my basic setup. I am using NordVPN.


    As can be seen I have three VPN tunnels configured for load balancing. LET ME BE CLEAR VPN WORKS FINE!
    I just don’t understand why traffic routed out through the DHCP Gateway are still being seen as coming from a proxy or VPN.

    NAT Outbound Rules.


    Firewall Rules.


    DNS Configuration.



    Proof VPN is working and that there is no DNS leaks.



    Ok awesome, VPN is working, no DNS leaks. I can watch Netflix through the VPN tunnel proof the DNS settings are correct.

    Now lets add a bypass rule.


    Check the firewall logs. Sweet NordVPN is now being routed out through the DHCP Gateway.
    However, is it really being routed through the DHCP Gateway, lets do a check.


    Never thought I would be so happy to see that I was unprotected. Here was where I started doing a happy dance thinking I would soon be relaxing using my VPN tunnel and bypassing site that restricted VPN clients.


    Every site I added to my aliases list to bypass VPN tunnels came up as VPN or proxy detected. WTF!!!

    Thinking myself wise, having been bitten in the ass too, too many times I remember to do this.


    What the heck, I even throw in a reboot on my computer.

    Get back on same stuff VPN or proxy detected. WTF!!!

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  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Most sites cannot be policy routed with a simple DNS Alias because they resolve to many addresses and they load content from many different domain names.

    No way adding, say, is going to work for you.

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