Modem access ! with DSL modem in half bridge RFC2364 PPPoA mode.

  • I was surprised, when connecting a Linksys AM200 ADSL modem to the WAN interface, in half bridge mode (the modem establish the PPP session and deliver a public IP to the routeur through DHCP), that i was able to access the modem WEB GUI.

    How is it possible ? Is there a hided outbound NAT rule now for adresse on the WAN interface ?

    Does it work as well with the other standard modem IP ?

    More, the wan interface has block private networks option activated. This is even more strange to be able to dialog with the modem at

    Does this work as well with PPPoE WAN interface, or only DHCP ?

    If this work with a PPPoE WAN interface, it would be very interesting, because this is the only way here in France to have IPv6 on a ADSL link. (Anyway even if we could have IPv6 through RFC1483 routed, i'm not sure that an ADSL modem is able to manage an IPv6 adress internaly in this mode, because it needs to extract IPv6 from AAL5, and put it on Ethernet).


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