WAN interface do not release DHCP adress during Modem outage

  • In WAN DHCP mode,

    When the modem Ethernet cable is disconnected, then reconnected (simulating a Modem outage), the DHCP adress is not released, neither renew.

    This cause the WAN interface to never come back to life inside load balancer. The load Balancer stay on the backup Wan interface.

    Manually realeasing DHCP and renewing on the WAN interface solve the problem.

    This is perfectly reproductible.

    The problem does not occur if the DSL line only is disconnected.

    I didn't verify, but i suppose that the same problem do exist with PPPoE WAN interfaces.

  • I was seeing similar issues with a previous build (gone now…oops).  I've updated to a more recent build, 4/20, and will report any remaining WAN DHCP client issues.