WebGUI slow when trying to add or edit NAT rules, with pfBlockerNG

  • I am fairly new to Pfsense, but I now have 3 running systems that all have the same slowness when going into add nat or rules. I am running on 3 different devices and all have the same problem – devices are SG-1100, SG-3100 and a generic Firewall appliance.

    I am running 2.4.4-p3 with pfBlockerNG. I have 10-15 ports open on each device and I am using pfBlockerNG GeoIP to Permit Access from the US and Canada IPs, on the open ports.

    After I get 5 or more Nat rules setup, the menus go from opening instantaneously to taking 10-30 seconds to open the list, save a rule, or apply the rules.

    I have GeoIP for North America setup with Alias Permit and enabled.


    In Firewall – Nat – I selected a source alias and told it pfB_NAmerica_v4.. -- Dest “Wan Address” port 44228 and a nat internal IP.
    Nat Rules List.png

    To get into see the list above – it just took 30 seconds to open ??
    If I disable pfBlockerNG – obviously, the rules will not work, but I can make changes instantaneously.

    I tried the stable version of pfBlockerNG and the development version and the results are the same.

    These are used in home/office locations.

    Any suggestions?

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