• Dear All,
    i hope someone can route me as i cannot route my VPN lol.
    the situation as next, we have two WAN ( WAN1 / WAN2 ) see screenshot

    WAN1 GW
    WAN2 GW

    i have created GW group with Trigger Level Packet Loss and Made WAN2 as tier1 and WAN1 as Tier 2
    on the opnsense i have configured WAN1 as default GW

    what i am trying to archieve is to have WAN1 route the VPN to the remote office and WAN2 to be as default internet on the office.
    WAN2 is Fiber connectiong which is 200/200MB and want to keep using as main internet however WAN1 is a ADSL which is 10/2 we want it to use the VPN to RDP to the extern server.

    the tunnel is i can access from the remote office back but from the office i cannot connect to the remote site.
    my routing

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