Questions about OpenVPN

  • Hello,

    I've set up successfully OpenVPN on my pfSense box (2.4.4-RELEASE-p3 (amd64) )

    I can connect remotely using my user certificat and all works fine.

    However, the speed is so incredibly slow... it makes it almost completely unusable.

    For example, when trying to connect to SMB shares over OpenVPN, just to connect to the shares takes a few minutes, and listing a directory takes at least one minute... then transferring or opening a file just takes forever.
    It doesn't make sense to work at such speed!

    Both client and remote server use a 100/100 Mbps internet connection, which I thought would be sufficient.

    I'm also doing my tests outside of business hours so the internet connection is almost unused.

    Is there anything I can tweak to improve speed?

    Also, which compression should I use, right now it is set to Adaptative LZO


  • I connect remotely to a 100/100 link and it's very smooth.

    How did you configure your OpenVPN server? Did you follow the wizard or use a guide or change any non-default settings, for example?

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