Bulk Export of Certificates

  • Hi,

    we're are currently running a virtual pfSense installation currently as a OpenVPN gateway, using a large number of user certificates.

    We just ordered two netgate 7100U hardware appliances to replace our old firewall and were planning to migrate the OpenVPN gateway to the new 7100 boxes.

    While it seems to be possible to backup and restore the OpenVPN config, I haven't found a way to migrate all the user certificates to the new boxes. I'm aware that it's possible to export and import the certificates one by one, but we're talking about a large amount of certificates so that wouldn't be very convenient or clever.

    Is there a way to bulk export/import all the certificates from one pfSense installation to another?

    I assume that they would be migrated automatically if I chose to backup/restore the entire pfSense configuration. Is that assumption correct?

    Thanks in advance!


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    They would be in the xml when you backup "all"

    If all you want to do on the restore is the certs and info, you would have to manipulate the xml and then restore it..

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