BUG: OpenVPN client configs being overwritten

  • As per guidelines, posting particulars here for confirmation/discussion.

    I have an existing VPN client connection set up for privacy purposes (ala PIA, Nord, etc). Connection is nice & stable.

    I'm trying to set up another connection, connecting my own pfSense (current & patched 2.4.4-RELEASE-p3) to a oVPN server at a remote site I manage. I'm making use of the [Bundled Configurations Archive] (archive.ovpn) as provided by the [Client Export Utility].
    Archive seems to work well on my mobile & desktop, so functionality confirmed.

    I've created the client config on this pfSense box & establish connection OK, but when I go back & make changes to this (2nd) config (i.e. custom options, routing etc), it gets populated with SOME configuration setting for the 1st oVPN Client configuration.

    Certs seem OK, but values overloaded/overwritten include:

    • Server host or address
    • Description
    • Username
    • Password
    • unsure or otherwise not confident what else has changed.

    Initially I thought it was client-side caching, but experienced the same issues on multiple desktops (W10, Fedora), multiple browsers (Chrome & FireFox) & in privacy/incognito mode.

    Connection works OK if above values for 2nd connection is changed to what it should be.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You'll have to at least provide the full and exact steps you're taking when this happens. I can't reproduce anything like it here. Maybe you somehow submitted both using the same ID by opening an entry up in a tab and then deleting some other entry before saving, for example.

    Unless your browser auto-fill is going crazy and populating the form, I don't see how anything like that would happen on the server.

  • Unsure how I can provide more detailed steps than above without making a screen recording (but then end up exposing potentially sensitive information).

    I'm quite confident it's not a server-side issue, but rather (browser) client autocompletion/autofill, as you suggest, as I can see the page (for 2nd client entry) loading with the correct information initially, but then flash quickly gets repopulated/overwritten from values from the 1st; hence me trying browser incognito/"porn" mode & a different browser & desktop: initially they work OK, but subsequently not.

    The only browser that's not acting in this manner is on my mobile phone/phablet.

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    @jakes said in BUG: OpenVPN client configs being overwritten:

    loading with the correct information initially, but then flash quickly gets repopulated/overwritten from values from the 1st

    That has to be the browser doing it then. Maybe an add-on/extension which is active in both regular and incognito mode.

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