TL-WA801ND VLAN on stock firmware, working but can't access AP

  • I have my pfSense (on a 4-port gigabit mini PC) running fine with my TPLink Archer C9 (a wifi router turned as my main AP); however, I need to have a separate subnets for my IOT devices; and my main AP can't do that. So I got a TL-WA801ND access point (2.4Ghz N), as a second AP, which stock firmware can provide multi-ssids via separated VLAN ID.

    I managed to create two SSIDs from this AP, my PfSense gives the right subnet for each SSID and it works without problem. The only problem is I can't access my second AP admin page anymore, even when I connect to the new SSIDs. I used to do the same exercise with Openwrt router-turned-to-AP and I can access its admin page either when I connected to my main AP or the Openwrt AP itself.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

  • @bthoven

    First off, anything with VLANs and TP-Link is suspect. Next, try doing packet captures, to see what's actually on the wire. Until then, we're just guessing.

  • Thanks. I can't find the solution yet. I've just flashed it with Openwrt and will see how it goes because it has more control regarding VLAN on Openwrt.

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