Squid leaking server IP

  • Hi folks,

    I have a Vbox runing squid 3.5.24 with 125 address in interfaces.

    Im routing specific IPs to some users and protecting it with htpasswd.
    Eg there are users using 2 dedicated IPs and the routing is like this:

    http_port name=201
    acl ip201 myportname 201
    tcp_outgoing_address ip201

    http_port name=202
    acl ip202 myportname 202
    tcp_outgoing_address ip202

    The strange bug is that just in the fist conection through any of these IPs, myip.com shows the outgoing IP of my server instead of one of those IPs above.
    For any other conection through the same IPs after the first, myip.com shows the correct outgoing IP.

    Any clue of why?
    I thought maybe it could be something related with authentication...

    I have more than 10 Vboxes with exact same problem runing ubuntu 16.

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