Traffic Totals - Incorrect totals in Month view

  • I'm running on 2.4.4-RELEASE-p3 (amd64) and the Traffic Totals for the month so far are incorrect.
    The totals have been accurate up until this month.

    The Daily view shows what I expect but the Monthly doesn't add up.

    Here's the Daily view


    And here's the Monthly view


  • I restarted the vnstat service and notived that the monthly totals has increased a bit
    I don't know when this increased happened.

    Since the daily counts look correct, is there a way to have it reread it's daily totals and rebuild the monthly totals?

    I tried "--rebuildtotal" from the command line but that didn't seem to do anything

    Here are my latest totals





  • Did you perhaps change the start day value for the monthly totals? I know when I changed mine it changed the totals, especially if it does not align with your start of the month of day 1.

  • @pwnell yes it was.. now sure why, but it was changed to the 15th.
    Is there a way to have it rebuild its monthly calculation?

  • Not as far as I am aware. The only option I know of is

    vmstat -u

    But that updates all the DB entries. AFAIK the only way would be to manipulate the RRD database directly - not sure how feasible that is but it should be possible in theory.

  • There is one way you can do it. Do this:

    vnstat --exportdb

    edit the output to correct the month values from the dailies (you will have to do this manually)

    reimport with:

    vnstat --importdb

    Did not try it but could work...

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