Transparent proxy https error 400

  • Hello people, good day! My name is Mauricio and I am incurring in PFSENSE, trying to implement a proxy with mikrotik + pfsense. I need to make a transparent proxy, to make a monthly report with visited sites and user browsing times. We also have in mind blocking sites such as social networks, etc.

    I followed some tutorials and configuring based on trial and error. It is time to configure the transparent proxy in "splice all" mode. I have the CA certificate ready, and imported. But I am not able to navigate with https.

    Looking at the access.log logs I get the following result:
    1565991620.439 0 192.168.XX.XX TAG_NONE / 400 4530 NO error: invalid request - HIER_NONE / - text / html

    Anyone have any idea where this problem points? Regards!

  • for other people with the same error. The problem was how mikrotik redirects the traffic. He used a dst nat rule which breaks the chain of trust. "Mangle" should be used

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