Open VPn will not start with /16 subnet

  • Hello, I am by no means a routing expert in any sense of the word. I have been trying to setup openVPN and it will not start if I set it up with the subnet our office uses. Our network is if I configure Open VPN it to use /16 it will not start. What should I be using as an IP range in Open VPN. What other information do you need to help me resolve this. I had set it up as a test with a 192.168.1.XXX/24 and it started and I could connect to the router via open VPN but the inside network was not accessible nor could they go outside to the internet.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well since your using ALL the 192.168 space.. your tunnel would have to be using something out of the 172.16/12 space or the 10/8 space..

    Why would you be using such a large network? Do you have some 65K clients on this network?

    Set your local network to be something realistic.. How many clients do you have? And then use a tunnel network that is not inside that space.

    Say for example 192.168.0/24 or 192.168.0/23 if you had say some 500 devices on your network. Then use something other for your tunnel, say 192.168.2/24

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