Important Notice Regarding Snort and Suricata Rule Updates Status Messaging

  • Important Notice for Snort and Suricata Users
    A change was made in the most recent updates for both Snort and Suricata to reduce spamming of the ACB (Auto-Config Backup) service. This change removed a write to the config.xml file on the firewall that was happening with each rule update. However, an unintended side-effect of this change (that I overlooked) is that now, on the UPDATES tab, the date and status of the last rules update will be either the date/time of the last package installation or will simply show "unknown".

    This is a cosmetic display issue only. Your rules update job is running and the complete status of that job will be shown in the Update Log file. You can view the contents of that file by clicking the View Log button on the UPDATES tab.

    I will submit a fix for this issue in the next release of each package (Snort and Suricata).


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