Long Request Times

  • Hello and thank you for your time.

    I have PfSense setup to deliver PAC files to clients via a WPAD Host Override inside the DNS Resolver so both HTTP and HTTPS traffic can be properly forwarded to Squid without any intervention on client devices.

    Everything seems to be working properly, traffic is flowing through the proxy server however there is one rather annoying inconvenience.

    Some websites take an extraordinarily long time to load during their initial connection, over 30 seconds on average, which is unacceptable. What steps can I take to resolve this issue? I cannot have users coming to me expressing frustration over a seemingly slow and shoddy internet connection performance.

    For example, on occasion while surfing the web on my Chrome browser, I will click a link and in the bottom left corner of the page chrome shows "Waiting for google.com..." for a very long time before actually doing anything.

    Are there more advanced settings I can configure past what is available in the web gui? Can someone link me to a page describing these settings if so?

  • I've seen squid take a long time for some sites if you don't have Services - Squid Proxy Server - General - Squid General Settings - Resolve DNS IPv4 First checked. You can check your squid timings via command-line as well

    squidclient -h -p 3128 mgr:info

    and pay attention to the Median Service Times section.

  • I was unable to access any HTTPS until "Resolve DNS IPv4 First" was enabled.

    Thank you, yes 'squidclient -h -p 3128 mgr:info' is an invaluable resource. So many requests go through with no hassle that the Median Service Times look relatively normal.

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