JavaScript XMLHttpRequest (XHR) - TCP_DENIED/403 HIER_NONE/- text/html

  • I'm monitoring Squid Real Time Access Table and a high frequency of TCP_DENIED/403 keep appearing for a single address. Squid access log shows HIER_NONE/- text/html. Upon further investigation this is originating from a website using JavaScript XMLHttpRequest (XHR). Is there a way to get this to pass through the proxy? As it stands Chrome Developer Tools Network Analysis show the XHR requests as stalled with no response. The requests keep piling up in the browser while browsing the site so the data is obviously being blocked.

    Is there any way to allow these requests through the proxy?

  • Since squid has a really hard time caching the dynamic web these days, I've stopped using it as a cache. At the best of times, my hit rate was only ever 4-7%, which is a waste of my time to worry about. These days I only use squid as a platform for squidguard's URL filtering.

  • I completely agree with you. I abandoned the idea of using squid as a cache a couple years ago. Recently we've been going over our ISP data cap once every couple of months and I'm exploring the idea of using squid to cache again, the 10% may make the difference of not having any overage charges.

  • Figure out who is using all the bandwidth & how and then start limiting them somehow. Is this a family home? Roommates? A business? If it's streaming video or torrents (which make up the two of the biggest culprits) then good luck with squid. I decided to start paying an extra $20/m to move to an unlimited account for just this reason.

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