Random Ping Spikes in Callf of Duty World at War

  • Let me start out with my network setup.

    Motorola Cable modem –-> Pfsense box (Pentium III, 1GB Ram, CF card using two Intel PWLA8391GT network cards) ----> Netgear GS108 ----> Wired Clients + Dlink DAP-2553 Wireless AP.

    First of all I've tried Static port, but only one computer on the network can connect to the same server at a time, which makes sense. I currently have Outbound nat set to AON without the static box checked. (I am checking to see if this current setting solves the problem I am experiencing)  In the automatic setting, this issue most certainly occurs.

    When I am on a server with another computer on my network, at some random time (usually quite a while in, like 10+ minutes) my ping will start to jump to '999' then subside to 200 and then back to 49. This will happen on both of my machines on the network on this server. You will see that our pings will jump up at the same time in the player list. This usually continues until both clients in Call of Duty World at War jump to an extended period of '999' ping and get a "Server disconnected" error.

    When we rejoin, all seems well and perfect, until such an event happens again some time later.

    During gaming I usually have a Skype call in the background to communicate with my squad. During this time the call is perfectly clear and does not drop. So it appears the physical connection still works ok.

    I am not sure how to tackle this problem, it seems convoluted and has no definite reproduction steps. I do not even know for sure if it is the remote server communications to me that cause this issue, or if it is on my end and my communications to the remote server (I believe it is on my end, I have tried more than one server, but that doesn't mean there is some bug in the server code). My previous SOHO router ( which is not nearly as nice as this pfsense box, I certainly enjoy the move away from consumer grade networking products) did not produce an issue such as this, if that matters.

    I am betting there is some settting I am overlooking that perhaps one of you will notice and point out.

    Wireless and wired clients are mixed. If you need any more info I will try my hardest to provide it. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Edit: So far with AON checked and no static port checked there are no issues. I have not had time to play World at War extensively today (I have done about 20 minutes), but will report on any interesting findings. But honestly, I have no idea if AON vs Automatic would even change anything. I just know it has something to do with out outbound connections are handled.