Flagged for spam from my home connection, had to login with a VPN and all is ok

  • This spam prevention is pretty aggressive here.

    I am a new user, obviously, with 0 low reputation. I understand that users with a reputation of 5 and above are not affected.

    The forum would not let me post while logged in from my home connection. Instead I had to log in with a VPN and then the forum allowed me to post.

    I do not have a public IP with my ISP, it is annoyingly NAT which I guess is the reason the system thinks I want to spam the forum.

    Never had this before. Pretty perverse. :)

  • A busy forum such as this becomes quite a lucrative target to spammers and such the controls need to be in place. It can be a full time job for the mods to control and delete it.

    Once you get a few posts in people will up vote you and you won't have any problems.

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    Yeah, it is understandable and relatively easy to work around in this case. I suppose it is fair enough that users of this forum have enough knowledge to realise it is not the content of their post that is the problem, though I do see a few confused posts since June or so.

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