Incoming traffic passing through wrong interface

  • So currently this is my setup as follows:




    OPT2 (OpenVPN)

    I have squid proxy setup to pass all proxy traffic through OPT2/openvpn and that is working fine, but for some reason, some other traffic (Jdownloader, downloading a file from a particular site, other sites work fine) from a device that has no proxy setup would be passing through traffic using the OPT2 interface which steals the bandwidth of my VPN. Why would this happen? I don't have too much experience on pfsense so I apologize for the lack of in-depth explanation and knowledge.

    Also, would it be possible to restrict OPT2 to only allow traffic from/to squid?


  • Are you running squid in transparent mode or explicit mode? Transparent mode will capture all web traffic from the interfaces you tell it to listen on.

  • @KOM Thanks for the reply! That solved the problem!

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