(SOLVED) PFS 2.4.4 Captive Portal not auto redirecting

  • Hi im newbie here, i can't find any solution why my authentication or captive portal page doesn't automatically open? I do tried browsing on my Hyper V Server(Windows 10) using chrome and internet explorer.
    Here's my settings:
    My Pfsense is installed and running on Hyper V Host
    Modem from ISP
    Pfsense WAN
    Pfsense LAN
    Pfsense DHCP Server > Enabled
    DNS > BLANK (default as IP of LAN)
    Gateway > BLANK (default as IP of LAN)
    Firewall Rule on LAN > Default allow LAN to any
    DNS Resolver > Enabled Default (no changes made)
    DNS Forwarder > Disabled
    System>General Setup > BLANK DNS(No DNS Added)
    System>General Setup > DNS Server Override(UNCHECKED)

    Captive Portal Settings:
    Interface > LAN
    Use custom captive portal page > Checked (Downloaded from Pfsense Forum)
    Authentication Method > Either No Authentication or Use an Authentication Backend doesnt work

    What seems to be the problem here? i follow some intructions on these forum and youtube tutorials but doesnt auto redirect to captive portal page?
    Why can't i browse on internet if CP is enabled?

    I know for a certain that after i do ipconfig /release then /renew i have internet because of the network icon on bottom right.

    NOTE: admin account is member of User - Services: Captive Portal login

    Thanks guys

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    @seramis when you disable the captive portal, can you browse the internet ? if yes, this problem is likely located on your browser and not on pfsense.

    what web browser are you using? what is the precise version of your browser ?
    when you try to go on a random http url (eg, http://httpbin.org/ ) are you getting redirected ?

  • @free4 when CP is disabled i can browse on internet.
    When CP is enabled i cannot browse on internet and im not being redirected to captive portal page.

    I tried google chrome and internet explorer, but no luck.

    I also tried random http or https url still no luck

    BTW, i forgot to mention that my pfsense is installed and running on hyper v host, and where i am browsing is on the hyper v server and on my phone. But doesnt work

  • Major mistake :

    @seramis said in PFS 2.4.4 Captive Portal not auto redirecting:

    Modem from ISP
    Pfsense WAN
    Pfsense LAN

    LAN and WAN should be different networks.

    edit : Btw : I'm using pfSense @home for testing purposes, using Hyepr-V .
    One physcial interface is hooked up directly as the WAN for pfSense - the host PC (Windows 10 pro) isn't using this interface.
    I added a dual network card to this PC.
    The first physical NIC on this card is declared as the pfSense LAN interface, and my host PC is connected internally to this LAN also. for admin purposes.
    The second interface (NIC) is exposes a second (OPT1) "LAN" network, and I hooked an AP to it. This network uses the captive portal.
    This way, I simulated the setup I use at work, where pfSense runs on a dedicated hardware device using 3 interfaces.

    Works great on both places..

  • @Gertjan separating LAN and WAN works! great Sir! thank you!

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