OpenVPN Client Override Subnets not published in routes.

  • When Configuring an Openvpn peer/peer server with multiple remote networks, these networks are not published in the pfsense routing table when connected.

    to reproduce.

    create an openvpn server
    create an openvpn client cert
    create an openvpn client override with the CN from the user cert, specify a remote network of the client subnet.

    on another pfsense, setup the client openvpn connection.

    observe that the route is shown as connected, and routes as available in the openvpn status, but not in the pfsense routing table.

    if sample pfsense configurations are required or photos I can provide.

  • Post the servers log entries of the connection establishing, please.
    And post a screenshot of the CSO.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That's normal. Those routes are internal to OpenVPN (iroutes) which is explained in the text on the fields in the overrides.

    If you want the subnets to be routed into OpenVPN in the routing table you need to enter them as IPv4/IPv6 Remote Network(s) entries on the server, not in overrides.

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