VoIP VLan over VPN

  • Hi,

    My scenario is:

    Main office LAN
    Main office VLAN for the IP phones & 3CX
    Satellite office LAN
    Main & satellite LANs connected using openVPN

    Is it possible to have IP phones at the satellite office connect to 3CX on the main office VLAN?

    Can the VLAN traverse the VPN?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @McMurphy said in VoIP VLan over VPN:

    Can the VLAN traverse the VPN?

    Only over a TAP VPN, not TUN. I'm not sure if pfSense supports VLANs on TAP though. TAP also requires the same subnet at both ends.. However, you don't need a VLAN. Just route the VoIP over the same link as everything else. Are you currently using VLANs? I don't see them mentioned in your list.

  • Hi and thanks for the reply,

    The main office has a VLAN for IP phones & 3CX server. (

  • @McMurphy

    You can still connect the phones over the VPN with or without a VLAN at the remote site. It's just basic routing. You just have to create the appropriate routes.

  • Yes, of course !

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