OpenVPN with Kill Switch issue

  • I've been running pfSense on a Protectli box for a while but with a very basic config and not really anything but using it as a firewall. I have a box that I run OpenVPN with PIA on but it sometimes has issues, so I thought I'd move the VPN over to pfSense and let it handle that part. I found the video from Lawrence Systems and figured this would be a piece of cake.

    When I tried this, all of my traffic starts routing through the VPN rather than just the single host I've tagged. I realized I must have done something wrong so I tore it down and started over. Again all traffic goes through the VPN. I tore it back out and waited a few days to clear my head. I walked through it again and again, all of my traffic is using the VPN. I restored again and waited a few more days, then tried it again. Still 100% of my traffic goes through the VPN. at 13:16 he's talking about rule order which I've double checked. I'm obviously still missing something. Does anyone have any idea what I should be looking for to try and figure it out?

  • Post a screenshot of your rules so we can see what you've done.

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