Satellite office only talks to one subnet @ mail office

  • I have an openVPN link between two offices:
    a) Main office has two subnets LAN1@ & LAN4@
    b) Satellite office has one subnet LAN2@

    LAN1 can ping all of LAN2 (over VPN)
    LAN1 can ping all of LAN4

    LAN2 pfSense can ping all of LAN1 (over VPN)
    LAN2 pfSense can not ping any of LAN4 (over VPN)

    I need LAN2 to be able to talk to LAN4

    I am sure I have missed something basic but I just can't find it.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  • VPN at satellite office.. What does your "Remote Networks" line show? What is your tunnel network?

  • Of course... thank you.
    I was looking at the rules over and over and never thought of looking at the "Remote Network" in the VPN settings.

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