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  • Hi, long time lurker here. Been using pFSense for ages and love it.
    Just wanted to ask the general question : are the snapshots ready for daily testing ? I tried a couple of months ago and the upgrade completed but did not boot properly with numerous php errors. I've been checking daily, and it seems that folks aren't posting as much about this. I am on UVerse and have ipv6 running. Also using pfblocker, dnsbl, and pratt's uverse gateway bypass script with the netgraph module. Wondering if anyone has tested the snapshots under similar conditions. This is my home network, so it doesn't matter if it breaks and I have to restore from backup, but wanted to check if there is anything to be aware of before installing the latest snapshot.

    Thank you.

  • How i know IPv6 ravd broken on 2.5 now. And to fix it guys run cron every hour to restart it.

  • I read about that, and it seems disturbing that the issue and bug reports have not even been addressed or assigned. Thank you for taking the time to read and reply.

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    ipv6 is broken on 2.5.0, to be more precise, radvd is broken and it is a fact. if you need to spam pls don't give false information at least.

  • Is it broken on Freebsd 12 in general ? I've not seen anything like that, but I am not really part of that community, albeit I recon freebsd is the basis for several cores of network gear, so i imagine if the daemon is broken upstream it would be well known.

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    radvd is broken on freebsd and on linux based on github of radvd, there are ticket open for similar problem

  • Thank you for the information. Checked the other thread and found the issue tickets on the radvd github. Guess I will wait a bit.

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