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  • Hello Guys,

    we are facing an issue setting a pfsense with openvpn, our main goal is to replace our old openvpn thats is running on debian and integrate everthing on pfsense, after many times learning how openvpn works on layer 2 and pfsense follow the problem facing:

    nic1 = - network support
    tap1 = ovpn1
    nic1 + ovpn1 = bridge0

    nic2 = - network server
    tap2 = ovpn2
    nic2 + ovpn2 - bridge1

    the problem is when we enable the the second bridge1 the first created bridge0 stop traffic to clients connected in this vpn, if a delete the bridge1 the traffic starts to pass again for clients on bridge0. what i cant understand is why the bridge our kill the connection since they are integrated separated in nic and openvpn.

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  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmm, they would appear to be separate, yes. Do you see blocked traffic in the firewall log?


  • Thanks Stephenw for helping, i dont believe it may be some firewall traffic been denied since the problem is intermittent, follow some details pick today

    what i realized today doing some test was :

    bridge0 = if the parameters are set as below the bridge0 works fine for the lan support but the bridge1 then stop working. Packet filter on the member interface 0 Packet filter on the bridge interface 1

    bridge1 = if the parameters are set as below the bridge1 works fine for the server network but the bridge0 stop working Packet filter on the member interface 1 Packet filter on the bridge interface 0

    i cant figure out such mismatch problem between those bridge, like i said i have the same enviroment wors fine in the debian with 2 bridge layer 2 the porblem is happening in the migration.

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  • on bridge0 i let it ping the gateway of the network, suddenly is lost 5 to 6 ping and came back again !!!!

  • Netgate Administrator

    Is either bridge assigned itself as an interface?

    Any other difference between them?

    This is certainly odd....


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