Status_Traffic_Totals / vnstat

  • All,

    PFSense 2.4.4-p3 / Status_Traffic_Totals 1.2.4

    For anyone with interfaces that are >1Gbps - the /usr/local/etc/vnstat.conf file needs the parameter: "MaxBandwidth 0" in order to enable processing those interfaces. Once that parameter was added, vnstat started registering traffic on the 10Gbps interfaces. Arguably, one might suggest setting to 10000 (10Gbps), however setting to "0" should accommodate any interface speed.

    Validated this after deleting the package and reinstalling the package, as the default maximum appears to be "MaxBandwidth 1000". May be good to add to the standard vnstat.conf file?

  • I'd log a bug in Redmine ( under pfSense Packages for this. Make sure to choose Status Traffic Totals as the category. There are a number of other bugs for this package also logged there. The package was created by a Netgate employee a few years ago when RRD was dropped as the graphing tool, but I don't think it's being actively maintained anymore.

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