Squid vs netgate

  • Hello,
    I'm a new user with netgate, previously I was using cisco routeur/firewall. I'm explain my problem hope it's going to be clear!

    I have a Squid server configure in azure, my user use it via switchyomega in chrome to switch their ip address to access to website with ip recognition. That's work fine.

    What I what is to configure my netgate to permit guest connected via wifi to access to the same website. I want them to use the squid server in a certain way, so their ip address are going to be authorize.

    I try with the squid package but I don't find how the connexion is going to pass via my squid server.

    someone has a clue for me?

    thank you

  • LAYER 8

    Services -> Squid proxy Server -> General
    go down,to the end of the page and click "Show Advanced option"

    there you will put your custom option

    for example

    acl lan src
    tcp_outgoing_address lan

    is this what you were searching for?

  • thank you for your answer!

    It don't seem to work... The point I don't understand is how my netgate is going to communicate with my squid server in azure... did he have to?

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