Multi hop OpenVPN and wrong interface. Issue or bad configuration?

  • Hello all,

    maybe someone could explain this very interesting observation. I will try to explain my pfsense (2.4.4-p3) setup. I am using two VPN providers to get 2 hops VPN on pfSense. Something like this:
    LAN -> VPN_hop2 -> VPN_hop1 -> WAN

    OpenVPN client for VPN_hop1 is configured to use WAN interface and VPN_hop2 is configured to use VPN_hop1 interface to originate VPN connections. Seems that this configuration is working fine, LAN is going to internet through double tunnel. But what I observed, when VPN_hop1 is down and VPN_hop2 connection restarts it finds another way (WAN) to originate its connection and VPN_hop2 configuration which as I said is set to use VPN_hop1 interface is ignored. Why this is happening? Are there ways to stop doing that? I tried to play with FW floating rules but no success.
    Thanks for helping


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