Can't get webGUI from Chrome on one PC

  • A very simple LAN - one Windows Server is Domain Controller, DHCP server, and DNS server; one Wi-Fi access point; and a few wired nodes; all on a single segment LAN.

    pfSense 2.4.3 for a long time, then upgraded to 2.4.4-RELEASE-p3 today hoping to solve the problem. No.

    pfSense has one WAN port that gets an address from DHCP in the modem.

    pfSense has one LAN port, fixed IP, not a DHCP or DNS server. (The Windows Server does that.)

    No serious changes recently, all working well for a long time. Then this morning, Chrome on Windows 10 could not get the webGUI - 192.168.x.y took too long to respond. I could ping it <1ms and WAN access was good, but could not connect to webGUI. Edge and Firefox on the same workstation had no problem.

    Chrome on another machine and IE on the server (Windows 2012, pre-Edge) had no problem.

    Only Chrome on one workstation took too long to respond, starting today after years of no problem on multiple updates of Windows 10 and pfSense. All other web sites get good performance.

  • Have you tried blowing away all your cookies and cache?

  • I felt really stupid when I read that question, but I'd rather feel stupid for not thinking to try the obvious than getting rid of that baggage and finding it still not working. It's been accumulating for a long time, so it took a long time to delete. I even rebooted, but still Chrome can't connect - Windows diagnostic only says no reply on [pfSense's IP] port 443. Thunderbird, Edge and even IE have no trouble.

    I rebooted, uninstalled Chrome, rebooted, installed Chrome, and it still can't connect to pfSense but Thunderbird, Edge, and IE can.

  • I only had three Chrome extensions, none important, so I removed them all. Still timed out trying to connect to pfSense. Then I started Chrome with extensions disabled. Still timed out.

    Then my bank started saying "Sorry, our system is currently unavailable. Please try again." after some time when I try to log in. Just like pfSense, my bank has no problem with Firefox, Edge, and IE, which lets pfSense off the hook.

    I've killed enough time on this. I'll give Firefox and Edge a try.

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