Connected as OpenVPN client, can ping but no internet

  • First off I'm new to pfsense and am learning as I go, I've set up a VPN server with local access and everything works fine. Now I am attempting to set up a VPN client to route the traffic from 1 of my devices through. I have set everything up with the CAs and authentication with my generated .ovpn file. With everything entered and NAT rules added and aliases set up I am able to connect and obtain an IP address in pfsense and it shows both the gateway and OpenVPN connection as up. When I connect my client through the VPN I am able to ping any website in CMD and go to any google website in a browser but no other web pages will load in browsers. Any help is greatly appreciated

    update: it appears that some webpages will load in edge browser and others won't, seems to be only big name places like yahoo, facebook, twitter and they take a little while to load, other web pages still timeout. If I just use the openVPN client for windows everything loads quickly in multiple browsers.

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