squid + squidguard blocking an app

  • I followed some instructions to get http & https filtering working with squid on transparent mode and squidguard. I download the blacklist from shala, then I created a whitelist in target categories and set that to whitelist under target rules: target categories. I also checked Do not allow IP-Addresses in URL. it's working great with the exception of stopping one app my wife uses, marcopolo. It won't send the videos. I an app called packet capture to find the 2 addresses it connects to, marcopolo.me and amazonaws.com, it also seems to connect on 4 ip adresses I added all of these into my whitelist and saved and applied. It still doesn't work. if i uncheck do not allow ip-addresses in URL it works again. any ideas on how to get this sorted?

  • Those are probably CDNs hosting the videos, and you may end up playing whack-a-mole trying to whitelist them all. Either allow IP addresses globally, or create an ACL for just your wife and allow them there.

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