Changing Interface appears to break related firewall rules (Moving from one LAGG to another)

  • We were moving three VLAN Interfaces from one LAGG to a new LAGG on a new Network Card (X550-T2) this was a HA pfSense Cluster but I don't think that is related. We built the new LAGG, configured with the correct VLAN and cabled it!

    When then moved each interface from one LAGG to the other. One VLAN at a time on both firewalls.

    What we found was that the firewall rules related to that interface would block (DENY) all traffic bar the anti-lockout rule and in order to get them working again we just needed to open the firewall rule and hit "SAVE" (no changes).

    I'm guessing this is related to something about the actual underlying interface making up part of the rule and the SAVE action enables an update.

    This was more a heads up as I couldn't find a similar post.



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