FRR - BGP RPKI patch

  • Hey folks,

    I needed to support RPKI on my own little VPN mesh network, so I've made a patch that adds support in the GUI for RPKI, in BGP, on the lates (GA) pfSense/FRR version pair. As it turns out, pfSense ships with versions of FRR that support RPKI, and that package supports:

    • RTR protocol support (non-TLS)
    • SSH protocol support (RTR over SSH/TLS)

    What is RPKI?
    RPKI is a wonderful way to either secure your public internet routes against signed ROAs, or distribute your own route filtering/whitelist. FAQ on RPKI:

    How do I use this in pfSense?
    To turn on RPKI, go to BGP -> Advanced and, under the RPKI section, select the values you want. Then, add cache servers for the RPKI ROA cache servers. I recommend switching on RPKI debugging in that advanced section, as you can see log messages.
    This patch does not have input validation yet. So, be mindful that you use/format IP addresses, host names, ports, timeout values, etc. correctly. Aside from that, business as usual.



    How do I run a RTR server?
    You can run your very own RTR server (even in Docker!) with Cloudflare's project GoRTR: For example, I run mine against a custom ROA file (as it's an internal VPN) with:

    docker run -d --restart always -p 8282:8282 -v /etc/rpki/roas.json:/rpki.json cloudflare/gortr -checktime=false -verify=false -cache=/rpki.json

    Which hosts a non-TLS bare RTR server that can be added in the Cache Servers section in the patched BGP configuration section. As an idea, you can even generate the ROAs on-the-fly for more real-time route filtering, if you want.

    I'm open to suggestions, etc., as I'd like to make this into a pull request at some point (and add appropriate input validation) if it makes the most sense to do so.
    Patch file: rpki.patch

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you make a pull request for that we can certainly consider it for inclusion. Input validation would be nice but is not strictly required, since that's a work in progress throughout the FRR package.

  • @jimp Thanks Jim, I'll get started on the process of designing a PR soon.

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