OpenVPN Split Tunnel vs Full Tunnel

  • What would be the benefits of doing a split tunnel than a full tunnel or vice versa?

    I wanted to use openvpn to connect to my home network to rdp into my home pc and have the dns of the vpn point to the pfsense router for pfblockerng blocking lists.

    Which option would be better for this?

    Should I enable the redirect gateway option for this?

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    Personally I use the redirect gateway with my home pfSense, because I can funnel all traffic into the encrypted OpenVPN tunnel.
    This is useful in untrusted networks/hotspots like hotels, restaurants and so on.
    Second I can use my home IP all over the world with my mobile devices. So e.g. I can do vacation on the Maldive Islands and watch live IPTV sport channels using the App from my local PayTV provider. :-)

    For our pfSense at work redirect gateway is not enabled. I want our users only access specific resources like Terminal Servers or the Intranet, I don't care about their Internet traffic there.


  • Perfect, that explains very well the use cases of the two options. Thank you

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