• I am using pfsense with two wans for a private network. There will be around 2000 users in a day. I need to setup captive portal for making users login before they access net. Also want free radius for wireless lans and lans .

    I was planning to run the captive portal and free radius services on a different system since I dont want to overload the pfsesne machine.
    Does the solution look ok?
    Is there any other open source software which will give me captive portal with ldap and radius to work with already existing pfsense externally.

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    @nit : This solution looks okay (but running captive portal directly on pfSense is also okay I guess).

    You could have a look to packetFence

  • @free4 said in pfsense:


    I thought of packetfence but am not sure whether I will be able to configure packetfence on one machien and pfsense on another. The confusion was with respect to architecture.

    Should Packefence be inline with one link to the internal network and the other NIC connected to pfsense which has three nics(two wans and one lan)

    Will this solution slow down the speed with ths extra latency

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