OPENVPN and Ports Question

  • Hi,

    I have a general knowledge question, trying to improve my understanding of states, sip, udp and ports. Hopefully someone can help me unpick this simple scenario and how it works.

    I have a local SIP phone on my LAN connected to a cloud pbx. The LAN has PFS installed as the gateway. The sip phone is connected to a cloud PBX by via ovpn (1194) installed on the phone (not using pfs). 203.59.XXX.XXX is my WAN IP and 45.77.XXX.XXX is my PBX and my phone is .118

    I did a quick states report on pfs while making a call.

    WAN udp 203.59.XXX.XXX:1940 ( -> MULTIPLE:MULTIPLE 27.079 K / 24.287 K 5.19 MiB / 4.83 MiB
    LAN udp 45.77.XXX.XXX:1194 -> SINGLE:NO_TRAFFIC 1 / 0 84 B / 0 B

    My question relates to the ports,

    a) I can see that the two end points are both 1194, which makes pfsense.
    b) I cant see my SIP port as its down the encrypted tunnel, which also makes pfsense.

    What I dont understand is port 1940 and 59492?


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