send-proxy option

  • I lost my configuration and I had to redo HAProxy from scratch.

    I got it back from a really old VM and from notes to myself I leave here and there and it's for the most part working except for some servers, mostly all those that run IIS+HTTPS, won't work. Server config has not changed so I must be doing something wrong in the firewall's HAProxy config. I remember to have the send-proxy (or send-proxy-v2, proxy-send-…, something like that) option somewhere before but I can't remember if it goes on the frontends or on the backends or on both.

    Also, before this little issue HAProxy didn't work at all for HTTPS, uninstalling it (leaving settings) and installing the developer version fixed it. I don't know if it's relevant.

    I'm using HTTPS offloading with HTTP and HTTPS backends. There's one IIS server that works fine: the Windows Admin Center gateway, I assume it's because it uses basic HTTP authentication unlike the others that work with ADFS.

    Any suggestions are appreciated. :)

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