[Solved] PfSense as Load Balancer in AWS

  • Hello! I have an instance of pfSense in AWS that is running OpenVPN for me. Recently I got four static IPs on site. Each is through a different ISP. I port forwarded my server on all four ISPs/IPs and it is reachable on all four. Now I want to use my pfSense to load balance inbound connections across the four ISPs. My pfSense instance only has one interface. I setup the load balancer according to the docs but I see the note at the bottom about it not working one one interface without NAT rules. I tried adding the NAT rules but that didn't help. Configs attached. Everything covered in blue is name if the server and is the exact same string each time. Everything covered in black is one of my public statics. The 172 address is my pfSense interface IP. Thanks in advance.

    Virtual Server
    Virtual Server.PNG

  • LAYER 8 Moderator

    If you want to use pfSense as a LoadBalancer I'd recommend using HAproxy as the "internal" Loadbalancer (relayd) gets discontinued in the next version due to inactivity upstream (and missing bug fixes etc.). So I'd have a look at HAproxy and take it from there.

  • Thanks. I got HAProxy working.

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